The release of Raw Gold in 2020 saw fragrance lovers come alight. Now, THOMAS DE MONACO is back with another fragrance, this time focused on the heart: EAU COEUR.

Saffron, osmanthus, magnolia oil, rose maroc, pink pepper, tonka bean, oakwood, musk, and ambroxan are the listed notes for this extrait de parfum. The opening is a riotous outpouring of scentsations: the osmanthus especially moves through different phases, including a leathery one. The house describes this as a “feral” experience in the opening and it is truly taking you through the wilderness of an opening heart!

The drydown offers the most exquisite stone fruit fragrance; between a peach and an apricot, as the main character, so photorealistic you can almost sense the fruit’s pit, with ambroxan also starring. Rose is in the mixture yet I would not call this a prominently “rose” fragrance. Saffron and musk are softly subtle and sensual.

The longevity is beyond phenomenal; I woke up the next day and could still smell this exquisite scent on my wrist. Truly, a heart-alighting luxurious niche experience! Bravo!

Save 10% off with coupon code TERRIE10 at Thank you to Luckyscent for this lovely fragrance!

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