Today let’s review the highly anticipated (at least by yours truly) new fall 2022 fragrance release from Burberry: the Her Elixir eau de parfum!

Burberry Her Elixir

🍓Strawberry, blackberry, jasmine accord, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood

The original Burberry Her eau de parfum was nosed by the master #franciskurkdjian and this new Elixir is a collaborative effort from Jerôme de Marino and Maïa Lernout.

I experience a more “opaque” version as the bottle implies of the original Her DNA: a creamy strawberry milkshake with a tart juicy tang from the blackberry. The tanginess for me is the most exciting nuance, and adds that “something something” of interest to an otherwise very sweet fragrance. I get almost none of the “airiness” of the original Her, maybe a hint, but overall this is a more milky sort of fragrance, through the creamy sandalwood drydown. The original is akin to a pink translucent stained glass and the Elixir is less ethereal, more milkshake-esque, and sweeter.

The Elixir lasts well on me and is a moderate-to-soft leaning fragrance. Burberry describes this as “bold,” and I am not sure I would agree. It’s lovely, romantic, and for me, an easy reach. Office appropriate, absolutely and also perfect for cuddling. Bold, hm. Groundbreaking, box burning, worthy of endless conversation? Not necessarily and not everything needs to be, for me to be happy. A bit overly sweet, and slightly synthetic? I do not disagree, however, what can I say: for what it is, I enjoy it! The original is still my favorite, however, I am reaching for the Elixir as well.

If you struggle with lactonic scents pulling sour or synthetic on your skin, note that this could be a rocky ride. A safe bet however for something lovely that you will reach for often, if you enjoy the DNA? I think so; certainly one worth a sniff so you can decide for yourself!

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