MAX PHILIP CIGAR BAR | Fragrance Review

Ready to join me at the Cigar Bar?💋A little background to kick us off: Max Philip is a French niche house, new and already widely regarded in Europe; now available in the States. The house’s opening collection offers beautifully crafted fragrances that are extremely appealing and versatile. As sometimes with a starting niche range, these lovely scents saw the house play slightly on the safe side (not at all a critique; I own and love several).

Max Philip Cigar Bar eau de parfum

Max Philip now debuts their Signature Collection and again, they knock it out of the park. Perhaps with a more daring swing!

Without further ado, I give you… Cigar Bar. A lovely pivot in perfumery, this fragrance is an unabashed celebration of tobacco. It’s dark, it’s deep, it’s rich. Boozy facets, from the whiskey accord, further deepen the allure.

The house authors even more creative signatures with the inclusion of vanilla, subtle musk, and a powdery sandalwood in the base. (No bergamot, no honey, and no apologies.)

Cigar Bar lasts the day on skin, with a moderate projection and sillage. It is a unisex fragrance, that leans into a masculine energy for me. Perfectly composed for fall and winter.

I expect that the lovely Antique (a scrumptious boozy cinnamon extravaganza) will be the most popular from the Signature Collection. However, time will tell if Cigar Bar may draw a cult following all its own. It certainly shows the craftmanship of the house off to perfection. Bold, brave and bravo to Max Philip!

The US launch sees a nice sale on, and TS22 saves an additional 10% off as the 🍒on top. Thank you to the Max Philip team for my Cigar Bar. Its artistry is equal parts admired and applauded.

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