MIND GAMES FRAGRANCES Review Part 1: Black Collection

I have been testing out 10 extrait de parfums from new artisan house MIND GAMES♟courtesy of the house’s limited editition Discovery Vault that I received. These take my breath away. Let’s explore the 5-piece Black Collection in this review.

MIND GAMES FRAGRANCES Discovery Vault 8ml travel sprays

Excellent longevity, projection and sillage abound across the board here. Just a few light spritzes will carry the day.

Scent experiences below:

♟GARDEZ – Emilie Coppermann
Gardez has fruits and florals draping leathers, and subtle orris. Although saffron is not a listed note, something buoys the leathers up in the drydown. Underneath the seductive darkness lies something primal. Complex, sensual, even erotic. (Captivating also on my man—these extraits are all unisex.) A tantalizing invitation lies in this bottle.

♟GRAND MASTER – Alexandra Carlin
A deep, red rose blooms near a river of black coffee. A blackcurrant shrub nearby. This rose, is it tart, is it jammy? Both by turn then this evolves into a sweet bread with brandy, fruits and nuts. A panettone accord, my loves! A tour de force of a floral gourmand.

♟SCHOLAR’S MATE – Christelle Laprade
Prominent notes of cedar and grapefruit did not adore my skin chemistry, so on to the blotters that come with the Vault: this smells elegant and compelling, aromatic and woody. Vetiver, definitely. Smoky.

♟J’ADOUBE – Nathalie Benareau
I experience a fruity floral (listed as a pomegranate suede profile, skin chemistry as we know is unique). There is a little bit of a “perfumey” vibe. I enjoy this one, it is lovely yet may not feel as unique as the other offerings. Quite potent, if you seek a powerhouse.

♟DOUBLE ATTACK – Christelle Laprade
Sweet chocolate, bitter chocolate, sweet saffron, spicy saffron…I am enraptured. A squeeze of orange bitters in the drydown; a sprinkle of spicy cinammon. Such an experience! Words…words fail. A creation of astonishing intricate beauty. Iconic.

MIND GAMES delivers a masterful collection. My favorites: Double Attack, Grand Master and Gardez. Which do you think your favorites would be from the Black Collection?


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