MIND GAMES FRAGRANCES Review Part 2: Silver Collection

I have been testing out 10 extrait de parfums from new artisan house MIND GAMES♟courtesy of the house’s limited editition Discovery Vault that I received. In this review we are deep diving into this new artisan niche house’s Silver Collection.


All of these fragrances are extrait de parfum, all with marvelous longevity, sillage and projection.

Scent experiences:

♟CASTLING – Christelle Laprade

A new and riveting moment for fig in perfumery is ushered in with Castling. Castling is an elegant, sophisticated ride of milky fig, soft florals, musk, vanilla woods and sandalwood. Smooth and even solar at points. Regal and refined, Castling is sure to prove to be an award winner for MIND GAMES.

♟CHECKMATE – David Apel

We have a champagne accord🥂paired with tobacco. Smoky, yet bright and a bit zippy simultaneously. Davana, rose and patchouli add to this sensual mix. As electricifying as the move!

♟BLOCKADE – Christelle Laprade

Boya oud with leather. Potent, intricate, bold and daring! This and J’Adoube are the two strongest in a strong range. One spray commands the room; overspray and you’ve bought the building.

♟CAÏSSA – David Apel

Licorice has entered the chat! Stunningly so! Cocoa bean, cardamom, white florals, musk… If you find white florals “boring,” prepare yourself, because queenly Caïssa is beguiling and sweeps you off your feet.

♟AS-SULI’S DIAMOND – Annick Menardo

Myrrh, incense and woods in the base are composed with ylang ylang, fig leaf and bergamot. Resinous. Smoky. Light and dark. Poised, pulled together, and elegant.

These dazzle and amaze me with their genius creativity while still being lovely and wearable.

Which ones would you pick from this collection, my loves? Have you tried these yet?


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