Maison Crivelli Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait has been one of my best blind buys of 2022. This stunning fragrance was love at first sniff, and was in constant rotation throughout the warm weather. Now with the fall in full swing, I continue to reach for this stunning scent as it reveals more facets in the changing climate.

In the high heat, Hibiscus Mahajad offered a refreshing hibuscus tea with candied ginger and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In the cooler weather, I experience more of a jammy rose-hibiscus mix, with amber in the base and a subtle leather touch. Coming from someone who generally avoids leather in perfumery: this one is superb. It’s not prominent, just a subtle sexy caress in the profile.

The potency of this extrait is also topknotch. One spritz is all I need to get a full day wear. This will last eternally on clothes (I love the scent so much I do not mind, just as a heads up if you plan to spritz this near something that has to be drycleaned). The sillage and projection are also strong.

Absolutely a stunning fragrance and signature scent worthy for me. Huge hit from Maison Crivelli!

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