Introducing…Venom of Love Extrait de Parfum. Navitus Parfums created this new fall fragrance release in collaboration with Paulina Schar. Venom of Love is nosed by master perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur.

Navitus Parfums Venom of Love

Cherry brandy, bitter almond
Chocolate cherry, Turkish rose absolute, Egyptian jasmine absolute
Almond cream, vanilla, amberwood

Venom of Love is GORGEOUS. I get this chocolate accord, very much like the chocolate used in baking where you can smell the sweet chocolate as well as hints of the cocoa powder. I also get a marzipan vibe, which I attribute to how my skin chemistry and nose are interpreting the almond cream accord.

The almond cream accord, for me, is really the star player: and yes, I do get a cherry accord as well. This aspect reminds me of cherry pie filling before it goes into the oven: juicy, maybe slightly sour. There is a subtle boozy aspect to the fragrance on my skin but it is not as boozy as say Tom Ford Lost Cherry or Max Philip Cherry, and overall, this extrait de parfum reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry with marzipan filling. Venom of Love has an interestingly “cool” feeling to it, reminiscent of a decadent sweet dessert selected from a bakery display.

For gourmand lovers, Venom of Love is sure to be a fall and winter fragrance homerun. The longevity is excellent (as one would expect from an extrait concentration), with moderate projection, and moderate sillage.

The “vibe,” overall, is smooth, creamy, cool, and delicious. I received this from Navitus Parfums for review and could not be more delighted to share this with you after wearing for about two weeks: Venom of Love is simply gorgeous, and another stunner by Sidonie.

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