When I had the opportunity to try Mystic Sunset, a 2022 fragrance release from the Italian niche house Eau D’Italie, the note listing immediately caught my attention and I wondered if this perfume would be a BR540 “dupe” or in the same vein.

Mystic Sunset Parfum

NOTES: Cassis, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Saffron, Cane Sugar, Cedar Wood

There are so many fragrances compared to the famous (some would say infamous) Baccarat Rouge 540, which is known in part for a DNA of sugar, cedar, and saffron. Is there some similarity between Mystic Sunset perfume and Baccarat Rouge 540?

I would say Mystic Sunset is in the same neighborhood, yes, but with key differences. One major distinction, as you see in the notes, Mystic Sunset has fruit. The fruity accord is beautiful and really adds a lovely dimension onto this sort of airy sweet-woody profile. I get a little more cedar in the Mystic Sunset perfume than BR540 and the sugar in this is not caramelized so it’s a “cooler” vibe.

Both BR540 and Mystic Sunset are beautiful fragrances that offer the wearer a distinctly different experience yet with some familiarity.

Mystic Sunset has moderate longevity; I do spray on clothes with this one, and that gets me a full day of wear. There is projection and a mild sillage.

Thank you to the incredible team at Luckyscent for this beautiful fragrance. I could see this being a signature scent for women and men alike. TERRIE10 is a coupon to save 10% off this fragrance as well as all brands, samples, and discovery sets sitewide on Luckyscent.com

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