PRADA PARADOXE Perfume Review | Is this designer release a dud or a diamond?

This fall, Prada releases their first fragrance containing neroli: Prada Paradoxe eau de parfum. Paradoxe for me is right on trend for that perfect soft life, pretty girl or pretty guy aesthetic: I get a gentle neroli (nothing bitter, nothing soapy), light ambery nuances, and white musk. There is a bit of a high-end hairspray thing happening here as well, which normally I would run a mile from, but hey, when it works, it works!

Prada Paradoxe perfume

Much discussion around Paradoxe has focused on a lack of originality, and I’m not going to completely agree or disagree. There is maybe a familiar DNA here. Some have compared it to a less floral Armani My Way; some find it closer to Valentino Born in Roma.

What we may take from those comparisons is that Paradoxe is an easy to like, easy to wear, appealing fragrance you may have smelled something somewhat similar to before.

What Paradoxe could deliver for you is what it does for me: skin chemistry magic. My Way never loved my chemistry, and Born in Roma didn’t completely disavow my chemistry but did not fully commit. I stayed with samples on both of those and never picked up full bottles. Paradoxe scratches the proverbial itch that both of those left: something pretty, versatile, soft, and maybe not doing the most, yet absolutely effective. I also love neroli perfumes, so this was geared to be a winner for a neroli fan.

Prada Paradoxe just checks all the boxes for me and I absolutely love it. My favorite designer perfume release of 2022 (sorry, Burberry Her Elixir)!

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