PARLE MOI DE PARFUM GUIMAUVE DE NOEL | Best Marshmallow Fragrance Ever?

My FAVORITE marshmallow fragrance that no one ever talks about? This gem is called Guimauve de Noel (“Christmas Marshmallow”) by the niche house Parle Moi de Parfum.

Guimauve De Noel perfume

Notes: Orange blossom, vanilla, sugar

This is not an ooey-gooey melty marshmallow fragrance; rather, it is light, soft, fluffy, almost frothy, with a clean dimension in the mix that is reminiscent of an expensive dryer sheet (likely from the orange blossom). Crafted in France, this scent has that sophisticated French elegance about it.

It lasts pretty well (about 6 hours or so) with moderate projection and moderate-to-minimal sillage, lending itself to a nice everyday option, and definitely one that can be a safe office scent.

I blind bought my bottle from Luckyscent and we have lived happily ever after since. TERRIE10 is a Luckyscent promo code to save 10% off sitewide, including on samples, so if you are curious about this, now is a good time to check it out.

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