ASMR Fragrances Review | Best Affordable French Niche Perfume House?

In this era of price hikes, can a good quality niche fragrance be found for under the $50 mark?

I have good news. Yes, yes, and yes. Introducing ASMR Fragrances, who craft their niche perfumes in Grasse. ASMR Fragrances recently launched with 7 fragrances: all 7 perfumes are cruelty free and vegan. Each perfume contains 50ml and retails for $36. The house sent over both of their gourmand fragrances for potential discussion: Yummy Tingles and Slime Satisfaction.

ASMR Fragrances Slime Satisfaction Perfume

Slime Satisfaction showcases a side of ASMR Fragrances beyond simply niche: this is an artisanal gourmand. What makes me say that? Two accords, specifically, the glue and the modeling clay. Now that I have your attention, Slime Satisfaction melds those two with creamy almond, sweet vanilla, and is overall a super wearable and unique gourmand experience.

ASMR Fragrances Yummy Tingles Perfume

Yummy Tingles is a sweet, buttery, bready, and slightly lactonic ride. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for gourmand fragrances lovers: I get a waffles-and-syrup vibe. This is my personal favorite of the two. If you have been searching for a waffle fragrance, I think that Yummy Tingles could be a perfect fit.

Both fragrances are on the soft side, as the name of the house would suggest: neither of these shout, rather, they softly caress. If you are seeking a moderate-to-beast fragrance, I want to highlight the softness of these gentle beauties.

I am enjoying both of these fragrances and for the price, I do not think you can go wrong: both Yummy and Slime are good quality fragrances. The house has 5 other perfumes you can check out, if smelling like a snack is not your thing, as well as a $13 discovery kit, available directly from their website as well as on Amazon.

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