Navitus Parfums has been releasing some of the most exciting fragrances of all the fall 2022 releases.

Introducing… Divine Aphrodisiac.

🔥House: Navitus Parfums
🔥Perfumer: the master, Sidonie Lancesseur
🔥Scent Storyteller: Darian @the_bowtie_fragranceguy

Divine Aphrodisiac opens with a beautiful sesame accord. If you have The Embrace, you already know this house slays sesame. Here, bitter almond and a subtle sprinkle of cinnamon roll out the red carpet for the heart.

Soon, the heart makes its debut and WOW: you really smell peanut butter. The expensive Whole Foods type: hold the sugar, just pure creamy lactonic nuttiness. (Sweetness comes later: This scent is a journey.) There is a little bit of smooth powder rounding out the mid (iris) but overall, peanut butter is the star.

The next chapter: the drydown. Praline, coffee and vetiver take the stage. The vetiver here is done similarly to Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. The praline is prominent and sweet and drapes itself across the woody drydown. I get subtle coffee nuances as well.

This is an extrait de parfum that, let me tell you, is not clocking out early. It is a beast. Until you shower, Divine Aphrodisiac is there. Projection and sillage are also very strong💯

Marketed as unisex, I agree until the drydown when I feel it leaning maybe into a more masculine energy. I absolutely love it on me, and on my man? I die. The name of the perfume, ahem, tells you what you need to know.

This is a perfect fall and winter fragrance, especially for date night, that in addition to being sexy also exudes sophistication and luxury. My one comment is if you work in a conservative office, this is noticeable. It’s not a shy scent: Divine Aphrodisiac will work the room.

Does Divine Aphrodisiac speak to you, my loves? Do you have a favorite Navitus fragrance?

♥️XO, Terrie

Gifted @navitusparfums

NOTES: Sesame, bitter almond, cinnamon, Moroccan iris butter, peanut butter accord, praline, coffee, Haitian vetiver, and Java vetiver

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