HOUSE OF SILLAGE WHISPERS OF TRUTH | Discovering House of Sillage

House of Sillage has been on fire with their new releases, including high profile collaborations with Disney and Wonder Woman. I was curious to try their fragrances and the house offers several discovery set options. I picked up the Whispers in The Garden set to check out, which contains some of the earlier generation fragrances from this luxury house.

House of Sillage Whispers in the Garden Discovery Set

The sample set contains seven House of Sillage fragrances: Whispers of Truth; Whispers of Strength; Whispers of Innocence; Whispers of Admiration; Whispers of Enlightenment; Whispers of Guidance, and Whispers of Time.

Whispers of Truth is a cult classic amongst followers of House of Sillage, and it is so popular it has been sold out for quite some time on the website. Notes include citrus at the top (bergamot, grapefruit and orange) combined with florals (rose and jasmine) and a base of moss, musk, and caramel. It is a unique and genre-straddling scent that is unlike anything else I have smelled.

I appreciate the other fragrances in the discovery kit as well (ranging from soft likes to solid likes), yet Whispers of Truth is the singular one that ensnared my heart. I definitely see why of the Whispers series, Truth receives so much love. I hope to see it restocked in the future.

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