Scents of Wood is an astonishingly beautiful fine fragrance house. Fragrance industry veteran Fabrice Croisé created a concept rooted in his (and our) love of nature, specifically, forests and trees. This award-winning niche house truly trailblazed the concept of wood-inspired scents and continues to elevate the genre to another dimension.

Scents of Wood Praline in Maple

Praline in Maple, a 2022 Scents of Wood release that has already gained quite a following, is nosed by Natasha Cote-Mouzannar.

A note from the house: Imagine delicious candied woods, and smoked syrup. This fragrance exudes the addiction of maple syrup and intrigue of mysterious woods. Cedarwood Atlas has an earthy, woody leathery aroma with hints of balsamic sweetness while Peru Balsam is laced with notes of vanilla, chocolate, and even a trace of white floral intoxication.

Praline in Maple is a beautiful, smoky, sweet, and resinous tour de force. I absolutely love this fragrance. The only other scent that somewhat comes to mind, for comparison purposes, is one called L’Artisan Noir Exquis. Noir Exquis has a distinctly different DNA, including chestnut note and a creamy feel to it.

If you enjoyed that fragrance, or even if you did not but liked the concept of it (given the lactonic aspect to Noir Exquis, depending on your skin chemistry that one can pull a bit sour), give Praline in Maple a chance. I think you will be pleased.

Praline in Maple also offers the wearer a more joyous feel; as the name Noir would imply, Noir Exquis is quite a deep and dark fragrance. I enjoy both, although you may detect in this review an abiding love affair with Praline in Maple. And you would be correct: this is a fragrance both beautiful, and unique!

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