MAISSA PARFUMS PARIS JAWHARA | Fragrance Review + Coupon

Today’s review is of a wildly successful blind buy, with my floral gourmand lovers in mind: let’s talk Jawhara, by @maissa_parfums


Jawhara takes you soaring on a flight of orange blossom fancy, full of vivacious beauty. Bergamot and subtle well-done lemon add to the zest of this fragrance flight. The orange blossom is zingy, rich, jammy, sumptuous, velvety even—and reminds me somewhat of how my favorite luxury house, EBK Paris, creates their signature velvety vibes.

Jawhara is luscious, gorgeous, jammy orange blossom paired with vanilla. The glowing amber base deepens and rounds out the composition. There is no caramel listed, however, I get a slight caramel warmth in here as well.

A heart-stealing, soul-snatching serenade of scent sensation, Jawhara is the first fragrance I ever felt tempted to gatekeep. But you know I tell you everything💋

I get great longevity (8 hours on skin) with a moderate projection. There is nice sillage: this beauty is PURRING! I had someone scoot after me in a parking lot to ask what was I wearing (which was alarming, then charming:)

Jawhara is $114 for a 50ml bottle on @the5th_scent where I purchased it, and with the 20% off coupon the 5th Scent kindly set up (Terrie20), this gem enters the double digits. Jawhara comes in a body mist formulation as well.

I am entranced and could not be happier🥰Does Jawhara speak to you? Are you a “flourmand” lover the way I am?

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