Kiss the Moon is a 2022 debut fragrance by American independently-owned house Poetic Aromas. This scent?🌙This scent is magic in a bottle.

Poetic Aromas Kiss the Moon perfume

One word review?


There are boozy touches, cotton candy, saffron, cedar—and strawberry🍓I find the strawberry in Kiss the Moon to be a refreshing flip on the fruit fragrance trend—no shade, cherry, still love ya! Let’s give some of that spotlight to strawberry too🥰

Kiss gives me this simultaneously airy yet boozy strawberry, with a spicy cinammon swirl (not a powdery cinammon, this is smooth, adding a subtle zing, almost reminding me of a spicy cinammon candy) with light woods, and a whisper of leather. There are a lot of other beautiful notes (full note listing on the house’s website and I included the notes in my unboxing reel); these are what my chemistry mainly brings forward.

This sparkling golden purple juice is POTENT: as an undersprayer, I don’t get a ton of compliments generally, but with Kiss? Even with 1-2 spritzes, the projection, the sillage…people take notice and want to know more. This fragrance is not clocking out early and will stay the day.

As a perfume parent, I do find Kiss its own special magic, unique, and one that I believe many people would absolutely love. It’s not a sibling or a cousin to anything I have ever smelled.

Now you may say, Terrie, c’mon, give us something on our perfume map here! Hm…I would say, Kiss the Moon could be living in the same zip code as Xerjoff La Capitale and Mancera Instant Crush. Baccarat Rouge 540 may be a rumored resident as well, but as to that, I cannot confirm🤭Kiss is every bit as quality as those iconic and luxurious scents, with a friendlier $85 price tag for a 30ml bottle.

This has been a competitive year for fragrance releases, and Kiss The Moon is one of the most extraordinary scents I’ve encountered. *Gifted

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