Today let’s take a look at a newcomer to my collection, which already has a cult following among fragrance lovers worldwide: Plum in Cognac, by Scents of Wood.

When approaching Scents of Wood, this is a house that has a specific ethos interwoven across all of their fragrances. The perfumers actually select and use tree essences, creating the sensation of “a forest bath,” to quote founder Fabrice Croisé.

When wearing Plum in Cognac, it truly is like a forest bath at first: I can almost feel the bark under my hands, leaves underfoot, even smell a hint of earthiness.

These initial sensations twine together gradually with darker ones (smokiness, booziness, tobacco and vetiver, a deep and decadent plum note) as well as lighter ones (subtle cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla).

Plum in Cognac received the 2021 Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year Award from the Fragrance Foundation. Without ever feeling pretentious, Plum in Cognac absolutely exudes an effortlessly award-winning status.

Unique, compelling, and unlike anything I have tried before, Plum in Cognac also has great performance and longevity.

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