A divine, delicate tonka gourmand, designed to caress and contour the curves of the body: resplendent, like the rays of a setting sun. Introducing 31 Tonka Bodykon, the new release from Pierre Guillaume Paris.

NOTES: Rum, honey, apple, pistachio, amber, vanilla, benzoin, and tonka.

The scent bubble is quite intimate, as the name suggests: within that bubble, paradise awaits. Soft swirls of gourmand notes cascade: here, a delicious, slightly zingy apple accord; a moment later, a honeyed rum. Tonka is the amiable specter supporting the translucent twists and turns of these delicate delicacies.

This fragrance is perfect for “Netflix and chill” (are we still saying that?) as it’s not going to overpower anyone’s nose. Far from the proverbial beast mode and perfect for an intimate setting and/or someone seeking a gentle yet impactful scent.

I simply adore Bodykon. Thankfully, as I blind bought it😄After reading the notes on the @luckyscent website, I could not resist. An absolute love—and speaking of love, Luckyscent has extended our 10% off coupon, Terrie10, through 2023.

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