Presenting Hue, by Hayley Kiyoko. This is my first time reviewing a celebrity fragrance and there is delightfully nothing stereotypically “celebrity” to be found when it comes to Hue.

Watermelon, blood orange, peony, lychee, rose, freesia, magnolia, cacao blanc, skin musks

One word review, would be…

…dazzling. Hue was an immediate love for me, from the first sniff. It’s dewy, it’s effervescent, it’s bright, it’s uplifting, it has presence, and TONS of personality.

To categorize it as a fruity floral, or a citrus floral, or a musky fruity floral… all this seems a bit blasé. Hue is a beautiful fragrance touching on multiple genres: a translucent kaleidoscope, refracting multiple shades of scent.

On our perfume map, Hue is not a sibling or cousin to any fragrance I have tried, yet could be in the same zip code as D&G L’Imperatrice 3 and Delina La Rosée. Hue performs well for me, especially for a dewier type of scent: I get a day’s wear, then will think it is gone, until a lovely wave of scent ascends again.

The Fragrance Foundation selected Hue as a 2022 Universal Prestige Finalist. As to the final chef’s kiss? This 65ml bottle retails for $65.

Thank you to the distributor for thinking of me to potentially discuss Hue: it’s original yet accessible, full of soul, and a total win for me.

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