An oud fragrance, crafted intentionally for beginners?

Introducing Saraai, whose beautiful Arabic name translates into English: “The Palace, where Nobility meets.” It has been said that the sign of true nobility is an affinity for placing other souls at ease, and Saraai absolutely does that with me. Whether you are an oud lover, or oud adverse, keep reading. Saraai may, just may, call to you.

Notes of incense, saffron, and dried fruits twine around the woods: oud, sandalwood, and cedarwood. Subtle pink pepper swirls while vanilla and amber amplify the dynamic dimensions of the other accords.

Is Saraai smoky? Yes. Is it sweet? Also yes! Inspired by a night in the desert, Saraai truly transports you there: a gust of smoke from the fire, kindling snapping, all with the scents of the forest twining their way into your consciousness. Your date packed a picnic-by-starlight and you contentedly wind down the evening with a medley of dried apricots, figs and dates, under the night sky.

Saraai, by Pearla Nera.

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