Decadent roses and luscious peonies. Scandalous strawberries—fresh, slightly tart. A blushing bergamot.

A stunning sequence, yes. Yet this is only the first aria, and we are at an olfactory opera.

The roses and peonies continue to unfurl. The strawberry exits and an innuendo of incense begins. Woody nuances also emerge.

Again, a stunning sequence. One that could capture a heart easily: yet mischievously, unfolds only further wonders to behold.

The peonies and roses withdraw to the chorus, graciously surrendering the stage to Strawberry. Having effected a bit of a Houdini act, Strawberry returns resurrected and now more akin to a strawberry mousse. Vanilla (natural rather than gourmand), incense, and woods swirl together with the strawberry for the grand finale.

Ethereal. Celestial. Liquid art.

Empyrean, by TOMAVICCI.

Is a standing ovation in order? I think so. One of the best discoveries of 2022.

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