WOOD Fragrances: Cashmere Cologne and Honeysuckle Perfume Reviews!

WOOD Fragrances is an American indie house located in Georgia, crafting intriguing signature blends. Let’s take a wander through two of their popular offerings:

🪵Cashmere Cologne is an intriguing medley of raspberry and mahogany, with a subtle non-foodie vanilla melding everything together. The mahogany is prominent and quite photorealistic. The raspberry note, which can be tricky, is well done. Emerging initially as a plump, juicy raspberry, in the drydown it melts and the accord becomes jam-like on my skin. Longevity is a stand-out: cozying close to the skin, Cashmere lasts 8-9 hours on me. While marketed towards men, I enjoy this and see it as unisex. A cozy and comforting cool weather option.

🍯Honeysuckle Perfume is the house’s first release geared towards women: a harmonious honey with honeysuckle scent🍯🌼There is a subtle aspect to this fragrance of smokiness, without actually being smoky (think of a similar phenomenon in Amo Ferragamo for reference). This facet creates a sensuous, sultry feel underneath the pretty floral face of the fragrance. Longevity is decent although more moderate than Cashmere: 6 hours if I spritz on clothes as well as skin. A nice “soft life” scent option.

Overall, I enjoyed this initial foray into WOOD Fragrances: these scents are both intriguing easy reaches. I appreciate the smooth, “non-perfumy,” feel of Cashmere and Honeysuckle.

If you are holiday shopping, this is a house I would suggest checking out: likeable scents yet in no way redundant to what someone may have already, and budget-friendly.

I look forward to what the house may create in the future, and thanks to the WOOD team for thinking of me to discuss these fragrances.

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