New niche fragrance Pearla Nera launched with twenty unisex offerings, and today we will be exploring Ataraxia. An accord of coffee, vanilla coffee to be precise, forms the delicate heart of this beautiful fragrance. Surrounding white florals burst into bloom. A sprinkle of pink pepper and a pop of pear add to the complexity, without ever overshadowing the core composition. Cedar and a whisper of musk craft the foundation.

The vanilla coffee note is the perfumer’s artistic interpretation of the drink. It is not a photorealistic rendition and while to simplify the note structure could signify a floral gourmand, this scent is not overly gourmand.

There is a wonderful warmth and welcome found here: yet also an effortless sophistication.

Two word review?

Absolute love.

Ataraxia, by Pearl Nera.

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