I’ve been on the hunt for a scientifically-backed soothing fragrance, with one rather challenging caveat: No lavender allowed.

Not because I am opposed to lavender, but because lavender is inexplicably opposed to me 😉 If you’ve explored the relaxing scent world, you know lavender forms the pillar of the genre.

Eventually my quest was all but abandoned. Then I received Balance, a brand new unisex release by Jack Henry, already carried in Saks. Especially attractive about this scent is the aquatic aspect: I find the ocean incredibly soothing. The house is based in California and so who better to bottle the ocean waves?

Mandarin, which to my nose is the dryest member of the citrus family, leads the opening with a quiet but bright bergamot accompanying. The fragrance evolves and gentles into an oceanic feel, with soft woody touches; the citruses relax and sit more in the distance. A slight musk, as of sundried skin, settles.

This is exactly what I was looking for: a long-lasting elevated skin scent.

Final comment on the formula: this is a vegan eau de parfum with an emphasis on clean ingredients. Balance smells very natural to the nose (uses sugarcane alcohol), so if you have not experienced clean fragrances before, swinging by a store that carries Jack Henry so you can do a vibe check would be worthwhile. Thank you and congratulations to Jack Henry founder Kyle Bardouche on Balance!

Mandarin, bergamot, aqua, cedarwood, jasmine, vetiver, amber, patchouli, musk

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