SPRING FRAGRANCES | Fresh and clean aesthetic

I’m not quite ready to store my sultry winter gourmand fragrances, yet as we spring forward into the warmer months, I find myself gravitating towards the “fresh and clean” fragrance category quite a bit!

Here are some of my favorite clean vibe or clean aesthetic perfumes, a nice mix of affordable and luxury, as well as designer and niche:

✨Sparkly warmth and sweet bright goodness: Sparkling Sugar, by Clean Reserve.

✨Starchy laundry sheets, the store brand kind: Cloud Musk, by Mixbar.

✨Berries and expensive resort-exclusive dryer sheets: Meliora, by Parfums de Marly.

✨Softly spiced watery florals: Femme Individuelle, by Mont Blanc.

✨Clean fresh laundry with a green tea note: Pure White, by Banana Republic.

✨Airy florals with soft whisps of musk, all the pretty feminine feels in one bottle: Delizia, by Pearla Nera.

When I first started my fragrance journey, I may have breezed by these in pursuit of more flashy options…now, I can see the intricacies that create beautiful simplicity. And appreciate them.

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