Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 + Black Tea Review

Riverside, a spring breeze affectionally ruffling your hair. An unsweetened iced tea to your right, sunwarmed greenery to your left: looking straight ahead, you are greeted by benevolent blue skies. You smile and relax as the river winds away to the ocean.

Introducing Molecule 01 + Black Tea, a 2023 release by Escentric Molecules. Nosed by Geza Schoen, this is a multifaceted celebration of tea.

Opening with a brisk, slightly bitter black tea, then segueing into the smooth, sweet caress of maté tea, this scent is a radiant, almost irredescent experience by drydown. Beaming with optimism, subtle floral touches emerge, over the house’s signature aroma chemical Iso E Super base.

Breathtakingly beautiful, Molecule 01 + Black Tea is an understated artistic triumph.

Rolling the dice by picking up a full bottle from @luckyscent I could not be more content, and look forward to wearing this year round but especially in the warmer months.

Coupon Terrie10 saves 10% off everything on Luckyscent; the other two new releases, Molecule 01 + Ginger and Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood will be reviewed on my instagram!

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