Five Fragrances with a Note of Rose

I am more than amenable to being romanced by roses: I appreciate rose prominent perfumes and also adore fragrances that utilize rose as an element of the composition, rather than the starring note. Here are 5 fragrances with a note of rose that while detectable is not the center of the composition. These would appeal to rose devotees and possibly…maybe…even also to our rose-resistant friends.

🌹Empyrean, a stunning strawberry-rose-vanilla perfume with a note of bakhoor.

🌹Damascena, a bright, effervescent combination of green and citrus notes that sparkle with a sweet, cake-like rose.

🌹Neroli Blanc Intense, a honeyed, gleaming, candy-like neroli. It took time to detect the rose as it’s a subtle yet lovely accord here: a romantic and sumptuous composition.

🌹Hibiscus Mahajad, one of my favorite fragrances in my entire collection. This extrait is a chameleon: in the summer, I smell hibiscus tea, ginger and vanilla ice cream. In the winter, I smell leather and creamy roses.

🌹Adonis Awakens, an artistic blend of citrus notes, toasted chestnuts, jasmine, a translucent rose and a woody base.

Where do you stand with rose in perfumery? Do any of these intrigue you?

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