Maison Crivelli Iris Malikhân Fragrance Review

My mad love affair with all things Maison Crivelli continues with Iris Malikhân. Emphasis on mad because I am not off the rails for iris the way I am for many other notes. I might even be iris-proof, or so I believed. Yet the spell-binding magical potency of this perfume left me no choice: after I polished off my sample, it was full throttle full bottle.

Buttery, a little smoky, powdery, earthy, slightly animalic, leathery, a little green, a little vanilla.

An experience, more so than an easily described XYZ.

A potent experience at that: phenomenal performance on all fronts. Longevity, sillage, projection.

Iris Malikhân by Maison Crivelli.

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