Summer Perfume Haul + Introducing

[AD] For my lovers of niche, cult, classic and designer perfumes, today I have a special introduction to make! There is a new discounter beauty website that has opened its doors: While new to the ecommerce space, the minds behind have worked for decades in the beauty industry as wholesalers.

Now, in 2023, we are fortunate to see that seasoned team launch a massive online retail boutique, stocked with over ten thousand discounted beauty products. Including—you guessed it—a dazzling array of perfumes!

The site offers free US shipping when you spend $30 and BuyBeauty is for a limited time offering an additional 20% off with coupon TERRIESCENTS20.

It is with great joy that I present to you three perfumes from that are PERFECT for summer!

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JULIETTE HAS A GUN VANILLA VIBES (retail: $140; buybeauty: $65)

            A modern cult classic nosed by Romano Ricci, Vanilla Vibes is a sun-warmed dip in the ocean. Salty, marine, with a smooth creamy depth added from the vanilla and sandalwood, this is squarely a middle-of-the-road unisex fragrance sure to appeal to lovers of a salty aquatic scent.

PACO RABANNE OLYMPEA (retail: $140; buybeauty: $82)

            The scent that created such a craze for fragrance lovers that the house of Paco Rabanne is continuously creating flankers: Olympea, where the magic all began. Think of a sun-warmed ambery-salted vanilla sensuousness. VERY sexy, stunning on warm skin, and sure to have your significant other smitten. Olympea is a seductive gem, and rumored to be on the chopping block for retirement. Olympea Intense has already been discontinued so if you have Olympea on your mind, now is the time, and is the place.

LALIQUE AMETHYST: (retail: $135; buybeauty: $35)

            Nosed by legendary perfumer Nathalie Lorson, Amethyst is widely hailed as an affordable alternative to that same perfumer’s iconic Parfums de Marly creation, Meliora. As someone who owns both, it is definitely not a duplicate. However, there is a similar DNA and Amethyst will get you 60%-70% of the way to Meliora. Honing in on the artistic touches in Amethyst that diferentiate it from Meliora, and may even, depending on your preferences, appeal to you more: Amethyst is less berry-prominent, with more green touches and a light airy musk. A perfect year-round wear, you cannot beat this scent if you enjoy the fresh-and-clean, fresh-out-of-the-shower, my-skin-but-better fragrance genres. Quality? Superb. The price? Unbeatable.

These are my top 3 summer perfumes on but don’t stop there: browse the website and see for yourself. Houses like Creed, Bond No. 9, Dior, Amouage and many more are on deep discount. BuyBeauty prides themselves on entering the discounted beauty space with the most competitive prices and after spending time looking at the comps, I am very impressed.

Now you may be wondering the question we all ask when we shop on a discount website: are the perfumes authentic? Yes. All three of the fragrances I received are authentic and in mint condition.

You may also be wondering about customer care. I chatted with the team at BuyBeauty to find out, and was delighted with the revelation that during business hours they have a customer agent available and ready to assist. A real live customer agent, not a bot.

Finally, the question we all have when we shop online: what’s the shipping situation? BuyBeauty is currently offering free shipping over $30 in the United States. Shipping time? My package arrived to me lightning fact, with all of the bottles securely packaged with great pride.

I also would like to highlight that this retailer is based out of my beloved home state of New York. Promoting New York businesses of excellence means a great deal to me, and I could not praise this company highly enough. Check BuyBeauty out for yourself, and thank me later.

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