Parfums de Marly Valaya Review

Valaya is the Quentin Bisch-nosed 2023 release from Parfums de Marly. While marketed towards women, the more I visit Valaya, the more I find dual facets of masculine and feminine.

Valaya is the ultimate Upper East sider-studied abroad-speaks six languages-played Division 1 crew-has declined countless marriage proposals of the clean and fresh fragrance world. Zingy, musky, floral, woody, with trace touches of fruit (white peach).

I love the zippy, quasi-dewy aldehydic facet, as well as the soft cottony feel that is found in this perfume which is inspired by a woman’s petticoat. The woody dimension makes me think of the wood used to craft a corset.

A perfect spring and summer fragrance, this could also be enjoyed year-round. Longevity and performance on me are both excellent.

I picked my bottle up from where coupon TERRIE10 saves 10% off, including on sample sizes.

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