Niche Fragrances with a Note of Tea

Are you a lover of a tea note poured into your perfume? Spilled, sprinkled, splashed, steeped? Here are 3 lovely ones:

Deep N Desire (Yacht)

Famed for its dark grapes and jammy-like caresses, this may be a surprising first drop in our discussion. Delight piles on delight as DNDY has a subtle chamomile tea accord. Extremely polite and discrete, this tea would never burn your tongue much less spill.

Pleine Lune

Matcha tea: fluffy, happy, and bouncing up and down center stage! Paired with white florals and a subtle smoky touch, Pleine Lune is an elegant and easy wear.

Molecule 01 + Black Tea

If Pleine Lune was bouncing center stage, M01BT is the stage director. However unlike many stage managers (who can be, dare I say it…mercurial?) M01BT is flawlessy unphased. Earthy facet? Boom. Radiant effervescence? Here ya go. Last line prompt, bestie. Gotta show to run here.

Stay tuned for the best coffee fragrances of 2023 next week!

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