Maissa Paris Symphonie d’Amour Fragrance Review

Are you a fan of the increasingly popular fragrances that combine fruits, woods, musk and vanilla? Your mind likely goes to Erba Pura and Kirke, the juggernauts of this scent profile. Allow me to present someone in their neighborhood, as lovely yet distinct in its own right:

Symphonie d’Amour, by Maison Maïssa Parfums.

Charmingly composed with fruity brightness, light woodiness, and a vanilla-caramel heart that creates a smooth silkiness over a lightly ambery base. Subtle musk and jasmine are also present.

On special @luckyscent but only for the moment, Symphonie d’Amour is $80 (!) and coupon Terrie10 saves an additional 10% off.

Normally $135, I treated myself to a bottle of this to celebrate the end of my semester. I could not be happier: this is BEAUTIFUL!

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