Spicy Unisex Perfumes Perfect for Summer 2023

As temperatures rise, we like it citrusy, sweet, clean, fruity, and yes, aquatic too! What else do we love? I’d say…

…we LOVE it spicy😉

Here are 3 of my favorite summer perfumes with a spicy flair:

• Amo Ferragamo, by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sensual, somewhat lightweight, yet with teeth: one I adore not only on myself, but also on my man. Marketed to women, yet quite open to the wearer’s interpretation, I encourage my gentlemen readers to sniff this one. Rosemary, rhubarb, Campari, and “Italian Bitter Accord” are some of the notes. See what I mean about teeth? If I were a gambling gal, I’d bet that the Italian Bitter Accord contains bitter orange. Aromatic and softly spicy, with mate absolute, jasmine, ambrox, sandalwood and discrete vanilla. My nose picks up the sandalwood in the drydown, less so the jasmine and vanilla, and some days incense sneaks in!👌Only drawback would be longevity.

• Musc Noir Rose, by Narciso Rodriguez.

Perhaps the patchouli adds the spice; surely it does in the base with the musk, however in the opening, this perfume briefly reminds me of the next fragrance on our list. Perhaps some (pink?) pepper or ginger touches are in there, alongside the bergamot, dazzling the plum, romancing the rose, and sassing the suede, before departing as the smooth and seductive drydown unfolds.

• Pas Ce Soir, by BDK Parfums.

Black pepper, ginger, quince chutney, patchouli… Pas Ce Soir is a year-round delight for many perfume appreciators, present company included. Somehow summer heat unlocks the next level of this olfactive adventure: it sings on warm skin. And that song 🎙is “not tonight” but hopefully for the rest of out Pas Ce Soir-loving lives.

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