New and Noteworthy Niche Fragrance Release 2023: Les Élixirs FANTÔME Review

An ethereal interlacing of essences and extracts, yielding a simultaneously delicate and impactful olfactive love affair.

Introducing FANTÔME, a brand new extrait de parfum released this month by Les Élixirs, in collaboration with the legendary perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux.


If this scent were an ocean, this is how it would feel: waves of rum, oakwood barrels adorned with birch tar and tolu balsam, caught in the current, yet far from being cast adrift, you are buoyed by splashes of rose water amidst the rum, and gently buffeted by affectionate winds of vanilla and citruses. During this astonishing adventure, you may catch a delightfully dark minty murmer that kisses your cheek, then swims away.

A slightly medicinal aspect in the opening breezes away in preference of these comforting waves of scents. Unisex, leaning perhaps slightly to the masculine side, this is a great “couple’s share” fragrance.

All of this imagery could conjure up a heavy-feeling fragrance; speaking of conjuring, you will be moved by the magical lightness of being found in this fragrance. Les Élixirs sourced extracts and essences from around the world, over a period of years, until they perfected FANTÔME. As the name suggests, this is an apparition, a ghostly gorgeousness, a scent so rich with story it belies the fine-boned, almost fragile architecture upon which it so hauntingly beckons.

May FANTÔME prove to be not only well-loved but also an award winner for Les Élixirs and Sr. Flores-Roux.


Key Notes: rum absolute, papyrus extract, oakwood extract, rosewater extract, bergamot, davana essence, juniper tar essence, patchouli absolute, tolu balsam, vanilla bean

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