MAX PHILIP PINEAPPLE PERFUME REVIEW + Save 10% off sitewide with “TS22”

Presenting… the new release from French niche house Max Philip…

Pineapple. Let’s talk about it!

Max Philip Pineapple

Pineapple unfurls in a fascinating reversal of expectation: when first applied, I smell mostly the base notes, of creamy coconut and sandalwood. It feels like a fluffy, frothy coconut cake (fresh, not sticky sweet). There is a besito of orange blossom. Then the pineapple becomes more pronounced and it has a spice to it (possibly from the vetiver and patchouli). Through the mid, it develops into a grilled pineapple-coconut cake. Then in the drydown, the spiced pineapple fades and a juicy bright pineapple flutters in, still in the fluffy cake-like context. Concluding with what I would expect the opening to be, interestingly.

I have tried a number of pineapple fragrances yet for comparison, Pineapple is not similar to any. Out of left field, Pineapple reminds me of Xerjoff Lira, which for me, is like a lemon pound cake. Pineapple is giving me a little bit of a similar vibe, in a different composition: a slice of fluffy, coconutty pineapple cake goodness.

Now, performance on me is also similar to Lira (citrus molecules are not known for their stability). This is a close cuddler who gives me a solid 4, up to maybe 5 hours on skin. I overspray and spritz on clothes to help us along😉

Pineapple delivers a delicate and delectable experience, in the sophisticated French ethos Max Philip encapsulates. Nothing synthetic or harsh in sight🍍🍰🥥

If you are curious to know more about this house, I have reviews on my page of their bestseller, the absolutely stunning Cherry🍒, and another new release called Cigar Bar, which is all things dark, deep and boozy. Check out their full range at and save an extra 10% off with TS22!

Thank you to the team for the opportunity to discuss this new release. Word is we may be seeing Peach next…

💚XO, Terrie

PS Pineapple and Cherry are also available in a travel spray size. TS22 works on the travel sprays as well as the full bottles.

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