Introducing Bella Notte, a 2023 release by Vince Camuto. I received this fragrance for discussion purposes; let us dive in!

Almost a decade after the house launched their popular Bella (2014), which I finished two bottles of, flanker Bella Notte arrives and invites us to awaken to the romance of the night. Vince Camuto promises an olfactive experience that will be sophisticated, feminine and memorable.

Upon first spray, Bella Notte is a pleasant fragrance. A familiar friend, with fruity flair (blackcurrant and blackberry) that transitions into an earthy patchouli and slightly perfumy rose, with a hint of oranges. Sophisticated and feminine, yes.

Although I thought this was the drydown, delightfully it is the mid, and there is more to come!

The drydown finds the earthy patchouli and roses still present yet mellowing out, as smooth sandalwood cradles the composition. The oranges disappear and reappear. Cool, photorealistic caramel comes out: while caramel frequently clashes with my chemistry, this, THIS is some hand-poured, small batch, top-shelf caramel!

As with any night out, the beginning cannot forecast the end, and I do fall in love by the finale of Bella Notte.

Labeled an intense eau de parfum, Bella Notte’s performance is respectable if not phenomenal, lasting more than half a day with fairly strong projection for the first two hours, then more moderate projection and sillage.

Although marketed as an evening wear, I could see myself reaching for Bella Notte during the day: that caramel kiss and smooth sandalwood in the drydown is irresistible! Checking our final box, is this memorable: to me, yes it is.

Does Bella Notte speak to you? Do you have a favorite Vince Camuto perfume?

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