Mugler Fragrances: My Top 3

TOP MUGLER FRAGRANCES: a list by a self-confessed atypical Mugler appreciator.

My first foray into the house of Mugler was many moons ago in the form of Womanity. I was too young to appreciate its artistry and recognized a superior force when I met one.

Later I revisited the house, met Alien, and again, if artistry were an arrow…I was a moving target.

Fast forward to summer 2022. Mugler fans were ambivalent about the house’s new release. Phrases like “generic” and complaints about a creative departure resounded.

I blind bought it immediately.

A wildly successful gamble that paid off: Alien Goddess found a devoted fan in me.

Next I stumbled across a (sadly neglected) sample in my collection of Angel Nova, the eau de toilette version. Nosed by Quentin Bisch, this was to become a full bottle, my second Mugler, post haste.

Finally, Angel Iced Star. A collaborative effort between Quentin Bisch and Louise Turner (of Lost Cherry fame). I am very picky about tropical fragrances, as they can prove to be poor quality or pure paradise, no middle ground given. Angel Iced Star proved to be paradise.

Honorable mentions to Alien Goddess Intense (more complex than the initial Goddess, with more of the house’s signature artistry behind it) and the new 2023 release, Angel Elixir (so far not fully embraced by longtime followers of the house, yet an easy and lovely reach that I am thoroughly enjoying). I see full bottles of both Goddess Intense and the Elixir in my future.

While not the list of a necessarily accomplished Mugler appreciator, nonetheless a heartfelt one by someone who respects Thierry Mugler’s legacy. As the visionary who ushered in the gourmand genre, Thierry Mugler influenced my perfume collection far beyond the three bottles shown here.


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